About Us

R K GreenLand Ltd is one of Bangladeshi’s first owners and operators of largest 5 star entertainment including the Amusement area, Water world, 5 Star Hotel and Resort, convention and attractions. Gym with spa, swimming pools, squash and tennis court, helipad, EPZ club, boat club, ATM booth, cafe, picnic areas, modern indoor games facilities and many more as well as Main Event, which is a growing portfolio of family entertainment assets first ever in Bangladesh.
Narayanganj is one of the leading business, financial, historical and traditional centers in Bangladesh. So, From the demand of time to create an internationally standard hotel for international business and tourism, RK greenland Ltd is Located in Narayanganj, Jalkuri, near Narayanganj EPZ.
RK GreenLand Ltd is a land about total 5,00,000 sft, total Resort area 1,10,000sft, Lake area 75,000 sft, water park 70,000 sft.
Our first objective in promoting our center will be capitalize on the power of the “WORD OF MOUTH”.

RK Greenland Ltd is owned and operated by RK group Ltd.

In the park it works to surround you with the happiness at every moment.
Giving you the international brand image in a green environment.
Providing a full package of entertainment with 5 star hotels and resorts.

For further information please visit www.rkgreenland.com